-- This feature will be available in the next release -- 


Harvard university is editing a powerfull software to calculate over 200 Radiomics features.

Their software allows calculation of numbers of features such as : 

  • First Order Features (19 features)
  • Shape Features (16 features)
  • Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) Features (23 features)
  • Gray Level Size Zone Matrix (GLSZM) Features (16 features)
  • Gray Level Run Length Matrix (GLRLM) Features (16 features)
  • Neigbouring Gray Tone Difference Matrix (NGTDM) Features (5 features)
  • Gray Level Dependence Matrix (GLDM) Features (14 features)

You can access to additional information in their website ( and their documentation (

We developped an user-friendly graphical user interface allowing to use segmentation mask generated by our viewer and retrieve all wanted Radiomics results from pyRadiomics.