CSV export

The PET/CT viewer allows you do export properly your results in clean CSV files for data collection


  • The export CSV files are divided into two parts :
    • Results section
      • For each ROI each quantification is stored into separate column (SUV max, Mean, SD, MTV, TLG, SUV peak)
      • A global results which gives the global results of all included voxels within different ROIs (and taking count of eventual superposition of ROI, a single voxel can't be counted twice in the sum). 
      • Several additional parameter for identification (Name, ID, date) and SUL conversion coefficient to translate SUV value into SUL.
    • ROI Coordinate saving
      • The coordinate positions of each ROI is automatically saved in the CSV : it allows you to load and to share your segmentation to other user and reprocess your data later.



The available quantifications are defined in these papers :