Many quantifications are available :

  • SUV and derivate quantification
    • Standardized Uptake Value : Mean, Max, SD, Peak
    • Standardize Uptake Lean (SUL)
  • ROI drawing & saving
    • Irregular ROI
    • Geometrical ROIs (sphere/ellipse)
  • Metabolic tumor volume
    • Thresholds : Absolute SUV threshold (ex SUV>2.5); Relative per lesion threshold (ex SUV>41% of SUVmax); Optional CT density threshold
    • Total Metabolic Tumor Volume (MTV)
    • Total Lesion Glycolysis (TLG)
    • Visualization of selected volume (blue dots)






TMTV calculation illustration (courtesy of Michel Meignan, Olivier Casasnovas and Anne-Segelene Cottereau)

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Example of ROI drawing in 3D view showing irregular and spherical ROI shapes. 

Drawn ROIs are resizable using the white dots boundaries in the axial view (first image in this panel)

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