DICOM Network Connection

The PET/CT viewer can be connected to an existing DICOM Network to Query, Recieve and Send DICOMs with your existing commercial worksations in your departement.

The DICOM connection rely on a Free and Open source software, Orthanc, developped by the university of Liège (Belgium). 

Orthanc software will handle all DICOM communication while our plugin (called BI database) will allow you to read directly the recieved DICOMs with our PET/CT viewer.

This unique software design will provide many possibilities : 

- Possibility to use our PET/CT viewer as a complete workstation with DICOM communication capabilities

- Possibility to connect many computers, on the same Ortanc server, this will allow you to visualize PET/CT from different computers inside your hospital, using one single computer as DICOM server

- Possibility to export DICOM to an external hard disk, this could be useful to properly export DICOM from a PACS system.

- Possibility to use our software to connect Fiji/ImageJ for general medical image processing even outside the PET/CT field



We provide a step by step tutorial to explain how to install, connect and use Orthanc with the PET/CT viewer 


 Query (C-FIND) remote workstation