DICOM anonymization and sharing features are provided as part of the PET/CT Viewer open source software.

The annonymization service is based on Orthanc (see DICOM Network Connection), it will allow DICOM Query/Rertive, anonymization and sharing in one simple and single interface. 

The anonymization tool provides : 

- A comprehensive settings panel to choose your anonymization level, 200 tags are anonymized according to the NEMA informations and secondary captures series can be automatically deleted.

- Multiple sharing services (Zip file, FTP/SFTP, WebDAV, Orthanc Peer) to send your anonymized DICOMs to your colleagues

- A centralized management of Anonymization key for multicentric studies


This tool can anonymize DICOMs not matter of it's imaging modalities (PET, NM but also CT, MRI, Radiography...)


An user manual is provided for anonymizing and sharing DICOM