The query software allows automatic batch retrieve procedure to automatize heavy retrieve requests from a PACS or a workstation. This feature uses Orthanc services (see DICOM Network Connection)

It propose 2 kind of features : 

-Bath Retrieve:

You can list every patient your need (by name, or date, modality…) and the query list will be performed and all results retrieved automatically.

The “Show result” button allows you to see the matching results and manually select them before Retrieve (so you can start with a large query and do manual selection on the results). 

You can also dump the result to a CSV edit-it and re-import the CSV file in the retrieve list.

Once your query list set, can schedule the retrieve process during the night to do massive retrieve outside working hour (for example start the retrieve at 10PM to get the patient's dataset ready next morning)

- “Auto-Retrieve” :

This panel allows you to define 1 Query that will be repeated each day (click option to set the schedule hour). (for example retrieve all PET/CT of the day each day from the acquisition console to use Orthanc as a storage PACS)